Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trees. Part 1.

I've always really loved trees, especially in the winter. There's something about a bare tree that is just beautiful to me. And there are plenty around right now to take pictures of...Here are a few of my favorites. Part 2 (and maybe others) to come! Let me know what you think :) (Click for larger images. I also numbered the photos to make it easier to comment on them.)


  1. they are all neat Laurie; I think it is neat that you enjoy trees when they are dormant in winter. there is a certain beauty to them for sure. and of course hope in knowing in a few months they will come back to life again. My favorite was #4 with the time of day it was taken; very nice effect :)


  2. Thanks, Betty! I'm glad you like them! The funny thing is, I have no idea how I made the trees look like that on #4 hahaha. I need to learn all the tricks still, but it's been fun so far just playing around!