Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Flowers

Some new peonies bloomed in our front yard, which inspired me to take some more pictures. From there, I went on to other flowers and then some pretty vines on our fence. I hope you enjoy! I am planning a trip to Manhattan soon to take some photos there! Can't wait :) Oh, and these have all been edited (slightly).


  1. all beautiful! I liked #3 the best :)


  2. Oh I love big fluffy flowers!!

  3. I just wish peonies would last longer, don't you! Such beautiful big flowers!

    Guess what?? You're a winner! Yep! You are one of the random May winners selected by! Now you get to select a personal fave from either of my two blogs and I'll have it printed up in a 5x7 and send it to you. Congrats!! Just let me know which one and I'll also need your address!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Glad you like them!

    Jill, YAY! Will take a look and let you know :)